Full Name
Brian Richards
Job Title
Sauna SpaceĀ®
Speaker Bio
Brian Richards is a nationally known expert in sauna therapy, light therapy, and EMF science. In 2013, he founded SaunaSpace, a company that combines cutting-edge infrared technology with the age-old practice of sauna.

In 2008, Brian faced an important health decision: start taking pharmaceuticals for acne, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue OR try full-spectrum sauna therapy coupled with ancestral practices like clean diet, proper sleep, and yoga. By opting for the natural approach, Brian rapidly transformed his health. This life-changing experience inspired him to create SaunaSpace.

In his journey to develop the perfect product, Brian has immersed himself in the science and research behind light, heat, electromagnetism, and the human body. Thirteen years later, he brings a refreshing approach to natural living, biohacking, and natural health transformation.
Brian Richards