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Craig Preisendorf

Craig is a self-taught scratch golfer who found that a golf swing is a complex maneuver requiring great discipline to accurately generate the prescribed amount of power to the ball. He applied these same principles when preparing professional athletes for contact sports tuning into their hydration and breath work. Developing his approach over time, he discovered that reducing and regulating stress to the body yielded higher performance levels. He later joined the Human Garage as a biomechanical development practitioner teaching the importance of unwinding fascial torque in the body to align organs and manipulate the system from the inside out.

Craig began specializing in hydration after a near-death experience due to a mineral imbalance. Along with his business partner, Maggie, they spent 10 years of experimentation and finally hit upon on a process that produced incredible systemic results. People were seeing major health benefits in as little as one day of drinking the H2GO water.

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