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Maggie Roth
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Maggie Roth

Maggie Roth: No Spring Chicken but a lot of Spring still left in this Chick. She was in the 8th decade of her life and still going strong when she decided to change her lifestyle after read an eBook by Dan Sullivan. In her 50+ year working career, she has owned several highly successful businesses. So applying her science (BS in Physics), math BA (Math) and business background to develop a totally new concept on her longevity quest was a natural. In her own words, “There are just three basics to living long and well: Breath good air, Eat good food and drink good water.”
Surprisingly, good water turned out to be the hardest to conquer of the air/food/water trifecta. Joining forces with her business partner, Craig, they developed a patent pending process for inexpensively producing water that no only taste great but is exactly what your body craves to function at optimum levels.

Maggie Roth
Author: Maggie Roth

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